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Motivation: Quote of the Day

  If you’re persistent you will get it. If you’re consistent you’ll keep it. Jeromy Shingongo A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke Scott Stoll You can have results or excuses, but not both Arnold Schwarzenegger Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants Micheal Pollan Make sure you worst enemy … Continue reading Motivation: Quote of the Day

Mindset: Extreme Balance

We are told all time time about the importance of balance. We should have a balanced diet We should live a balanced life We should manage our work life balance However when it comes to our ambitions or our goals we are told: Dream big. Aim high. Don’t put limitations on yourself. Reach for the … Continue reading Mindset: Extreme Balance

Conditioning: Competitive Training

Training alone can be great. It can be cathartic, spontaneous, adventurous and inspiring. Training with others can be hard. It can be noisy, distracting, unfocused, too difficult or too easy. Training with others can also be competitive. Competition is important, it gives you a clear objective, it stretches you further than you can on your … Continue reading Conditioning: Competitive Training

Mindset: Focus On a Single Goal

Multitasking is the quickest way to mediocrity Listening to a recent podcast by The Minimalists called ‘focus’.  Inspired me think about the benefits of being focused, how this can apply to achieving your fitness objectives. One key standout from the podcast was the topic of multi tasking and how this itself can be a distraction. Multitasking can … Continue reading Mindset: Focus On a Single Goal

Mindset: Fitness Norms

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect Mark Twain If you train hard or workout regularly, you’re not “normal” Normal people don’t wake up at 6.00am to hit the road in the dark and run for an hour before the sunrises. Normal people don’t go … Continue reading Mindset: Fitness Norms

Mindset: Information Overload

: “If more information was the answer we would all be billionaires with perfect abs.” Derek Sivers There is so much information out there on fitness and health. Too much to digest and so much of it conflicting. Not knowing where to start and who to trust can be daunting and overwhelming.  Some thoughts below on … Continue reading Mindset: Information Overload

Swimming: Kicking Workouts

Conditioning legs is important part of swimming training. If you do not train your legs to withstand intense surges like you experience in a race, then you will not be able to deliver to your full potential. Kicking should be used with floats, but can also include sets of underwater ( building to >15m) and … Continue reading Swimming: Kicking Workouts

Mindset: The 5.30 am Tactic

Most geniuses are just talented people who get up really early in the morning. Joel Achenbach If I asked what’s your plan 5.30 am tomorrow? For some people its the same as they do every morning, train/workout. But for most it would be to stay asleep. If i was to ask what’s your plans for … Continue reading Mindset: The 5.30 am Tactic

Mindset: A Month To Focus

“Focusing is about saying No.” Steve Jobs Can you focus on one task exclusively for one month? Can you give up a bad habit for one month? Can you instil a new habit for one month? That’s exactly what I have been doing recently. After being  inspired by movements such as ‘Stoptober’ ,’Dry July’ along with … Continue reading Mindset: A Month To Focus

Mindset: How to Be Your Best

There’s an interesting mantra that has been popularised in the self-improvement and development world recently (James Altucher, Ryan Holiday, Ken Shamrock) called: Plus Equal Minus This concept isn’t new and I am sure it has been called other things in previous times or even adopted by people unknowingly. But the main idea of the mantra is everyday you should … Continue reading Mindset: How to Be Your Best

Swimming: Workouts

  Workouts Session can be completed in open water between buoys or in the swimming pool.     Warm up (1000m) as: 500m freestyle 2x100m choice stroke 6x50m build speed. alternating. Freestyle/ no freestyle Speed set (500m)  10x 50m with 20seconds rest swam as 12.5m fast 12.5m easy in each length. Main Set (2000m)  200 … Continue reading Swimming: Workouts

Swimming: Drafting in Open Water

Drafting One difference between swimming and racing in open water vs swimming in a pool is that you’re often surrounded by other people (and clash into them) during your swim. Although this may make for a more physical swim, it also has it’s upsides. Positioning yourself correctly in relation to the swimmer ahead of you during a swim … Continue reading Swimming: Drafting in Open Water

Planning: Your Own Training Camp

When it’s cold outside and it’s the middle of winter the chance’s are you’re not massively inspired to be training. It’s likely to also be the off season so there’s also little to no racing to motivate you to train. During this period It’s easy to fall off the training wagon and let your fitness regress. Resting … Continue reading Planning: Your Own Training Camp

Swimming: Freestyle Arm Recovery

Top Picture:  High elbow recovery. Bottom Picture: Straight arm recovery Historically the high elbow recovery has been the “correct”way to swim freestyle. However as knowledge increases and we see more and more swimmers succeeding with a straight arm style it has become clear that there is no one size fits all for freestyle technique. If you feel … Continue reading Swimming: Freestyle Arm Recovery

How to Train for a Long Endurance Swim (3-10K)

Most people think they need to train more sessions per week to improve their endurance swimming. But if  like many people you’re restricted for time or can only make a set number of sessions per week then ensuring you incorporate the following ‘focus’ session into your plan will help you prepare for your long endurance race. (for example if you swim with your masters team 3 time per week, replace one of these high intensity interval sessions with the session below)

Swimming Training Zones

Most people swim their easy sets too fast and their fast sets too easy. Do you find yourself just swimming at one pace, and wander why you are not progressing? Make sure you swim In the correct training zones to have the most effect workout. Zone 1:  Aerobic Zone split into: 1a) low intensity HR … Continue reading Swimming Training Zones