The Long Reach Swim

Last weekend was the 8.3km Long Reach River Swim organised by My Sporting Times 

Starting at Wallingford in Oxfordshire and Following the river to Streatly 8.3Km down stream This was the inaugural event and attracted 300+ swimmers covering a range of abilities.

The race was a staggered start broken into 3 waves, wave one (the slowest swimmers) at 8.00 and 8.30 for the faster swimmers. Along the course there were three aid stations (2.5km, 4.3km and 6.5km) so unlike many mass participation events, the start was a very calm and relaxed atmosphere.

The course was a beautiful stretch of the River Thames starting in a quiet town of Wallingford and then meandering through the Oxfordshire country side to finish just before Streatly, the calm clear waters created a perfect swimming environment and low boat traffic meant for a safe and relaxed swim.

This was the longest I and many others had swam continuously but it proved to be a distance that was manageable with out too many stops. The stops were frequent enough for those who needed the additional energy and fluids, but myself and a few others completed the swim without stopping or taking on additional fuel.

The race was well organised from start to finish and every swimmer I saw getting out at the finish, was doing so with a smile on their face.

Course map

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 15.28.08.png



The Swim start at wallingford



Vicky showing her solid stroke mid way through 36623727001_d8d876d7a9_o35929210784_3629e1e2e3_o

The finish and Exit.



Overall a great event and I would highly recommend entering another edition in the future. Keep and eye out for next years entry