Swimming Training Zones

Most people swim their easy sets too fast and their fast sets too easy.

Do you find yourself just swimming at one pace, and wander why you are not progressing? Make sure you swim In the correct training zones to have the most effect workout.

Zone 1:  Aerobic Zone

split into:

  • 1a) low intensity HR 70-50 beats below max HR
  • 1b) maintenance 50-40 beats below max HR
  • 1c) aerobic development 40-30 beats below max HR

Zone 2: Anaerobic Threshold

30-20 beats below max HR  this is the zone where you are swimming fast, but not so fast that Lactate acid accumulates and you begin to fade or fatigue.

Zone 3: High performance endurance (critical swim speed)

20-10 beats below max HR  Generally the fastest you could swim 400m

Zone 4: Anaerobic

Max HR also known as race pace work only sustainable for 50-200m. Generally need longer rests between sets.

Zone 5: Sprint

Max speed not max effort.  This could be achieved through shorter sets such as 12.5 or 20m Max effort speeds. Ensure adequate rest for full recovery.

Remember to train all your zones but focus on the area most important for your event.