How to Train for a Long Endurance Swim (3-10Km)


Most people think they need to train more sessions per week to improve their endurance swimming. But if  like many people you’re restricted for time or can only make a set number of sessions per week then ensuring you incorporate the following ‘focus’ session into your plan will help you prepare for your long endurance race. (for example if you swim with your masters team 3 time per week, replace one of these high intensity interval sessions with the session below)

  • The Long Steady Swim.
    • This session’s main focus is to gradually over time increase the distance/duration you can continuously swim for.
    • Ideally start incorporating this session at least 12-16 weeks out from your race and gradually build the distance you swim continuously until you can cover 75-80% of the distance 2-3 weeks out from the race.
    • e.g if your race is 10KM then 2 weeks before the race you should be comfortable swimming 7.5-8km continuously
    • Only increase your sessions distance by 10-15% every 1 to 2 weeks so if your swimming continously for 2km in week one by week 14 you should be at 7.5Km.
    • The pace of this session should be slow and steady, at no point should you elevate your heart rate.
    • This sessions should incorporate the same fuelling strategy as race day. (e.g drinking every 3km or having gels at halfway)
    • Try to plan to complete this session before a rest day, to ensure you have time to recover.
    • During the 12-14 week build make sure you plan for recovery weeks where you drop your weekly volume to ensure you are adapting to the increased load.