Day 1 of the Open Water Season

Saturday morning April 22nd 2017 is the first day the Tri2o swim centre is open for the 2017 season and it opened on a beautiful clear sunny morning. Air temp 10c water temp 14c

Despite it being the first day of the season the lake was pretty busy already with some people even braving the 14c water with out a wetsuit. I decided to play it safe and keep the wetsuit on.


The main change for my attire this year was I had sneaked a neoprene hat underneath my silicon hat to stop myself getting the classic ‘ice cream headache’ for the first lap. it was the best £9 investment. It stopped my head feeling the cold and even kept my hair completely dry for the swim.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 13.31.06.png


Once I was in the first 200m were pretty chilly and I did feel like 14c but as soon as I reached the first boy (2-3 mins later) the feeling of cold had subsided and it felt close to the perfect swimming temperature

The water was clear and clean and was like swimming in a mill pond and the blue sky only added to the enjoyment.


I completed 3 laps in 45minutes which is a record for day 1 of the season (historically its been too cold to do more than one)

Skills I practiced in my session:

  • Acclimatisation to cold water (pre entry)
  • Shallow water entry (diving)
  • Flushing the wetsuit to keep warm
  • Siting to the buoy
  • Turning around the buoy
  • Long efficient stroke
  • Catch drills to improve stroke length
  • Speed work as approaching the buoy
  • Bilateral breathing to help swimming in a straight line


Now the first session of the season is complete and the temperature is comfortable enough to train, its time to focus on fitness and skills, I will be posting some sessions on the website or get in touch if you’re interested in some coached sessions.


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