How to Be Your Best

There’s an interesting mantra that has been popularised in the self-improvement and development world recently (James AltucherRyan Holiday, Ken Shamrock) called:

  • Plus
  • Equal
  • Minus

This concept isn’t new and I am sure it has been called other things in previous times or even adopted by people unknowingly. But the main idea of the mantra is everyday you should try to find your ‘plus’, your ‘equals’ and your ‘minus’.

  • Plus: Find some one who is better than you, someone who you aspire to be like. Someone you can learn from.
  • Equals: Find someone who is at similar stage of development to you, but importantly someone who will challenge you.
  • Minus: Find someone who is less experienced and less developed than you. somone that you can teach the lessons you have learnt to help with their development. Not only to help them progress but also to cement your own learning.

How can this help improve your fitness?

  • Plus: Find someone who you train with or you have regular contact with that is significantly fitter and/or has a lot more experience than you do (it could also be someone you follow from a far). Spend time understanding what they have done to get to their position. Ask them questions about their regime, their habits. Spend some time in training with them to see how they approach their workouts. Become a sponge and learn as much as you can from them. You can take on their wisdon and apply what resonates to your own training, focus on habits that challenge your current comfort zone.
  • Equals: Now its time to get competitive, find someone one at training or a friend who has a similar level of fitness to you and get involved in a joint session. Sign up for a race or competition together. This way you now have an equal to benchmark yourself against with the goal to try and stay one step ahead of them at all times. They will be your extrinsic motivator to force you to focus,train harder inorder to develop faster.
  • Minus: This is likely the more challenging part, because unless you are a coach or a leader it is unlikely you do this already. The aim is to find someone who is either less experienced or has a lower fitness level than you. Take them under your wing and as you listen to your ‘plus’ and progress by being challenged by your ‘equal’ you take these learnings and habits and instil them onto your ‘minus’ you then become their mentor and guide their development. It has the double benefit of cementing your learning too.