Too Fast and Too Long

When your setting a time objective for an upcoming endurance race or setting a target for an event in the season there are two questions you need to ask you self

  1. Can you ride/run/swim as fast as you need to go to achieve this time in the event?
  2. Can your ride/run/swim for as long as you need during this event?

Too many people turn up at a race and either expect their body to suddenly be able to:

  • Race at a speed faster than they have never raced at or
  • Expect their body’s to endure a longer duration than they have ever endured before.
  • Worse they ask their body to do both.

In order to be successful in achieving your target time you need to prepare your body accordingly.

  • Set sessions where you build up to race speed and then extend the amount of time you can handle racing at this speed
  • Set sessions that are slower than your race pace but are longer in duration (not necessary in distance) this could be broken up over a day and split into chunks.

This way when you turn up on race day your body know’s it can go as fast as it needs to go and is at least prepared to go for as long as you need to go.