Forced Recovery

I train everyday. At least I aim to. Today was an example of why  I aim to do this and don’t plan in a rest day. In theory today was what I call a “forced rest day”.

My day started the same as any other day at 5am with a shower, an espresso, followed by a pitch black freezing cold dog walk until 6am. I had an early meeting today over 70miles away so I was on the road by 6.30 and between visiting a client and visiting the office I was in the car for 6 hours not returning home until after 6pm.

That’s when I crashed! Crashed on to my bed (not my car) I had all the intention in the world to swiftly hit the gym in 30 minutes time but instead mid clothes change, I collapsed onto my bed and didn’t wake until an hour later missing my gym session and feeling pretty upset about it.

But this is when I realise that there are days you need to rest and today was one of them. Over the years I have found resting when my body forces me to do so a much more effective approach than strategically planning rest days when I don’t even know if my body needs it. This way I manage more training sessions in a week with out wasting a recovery day when I don’t need it.

Everyone is different and some body’s will thrive off regular rest planned into the week, If your like me, maybe you should assess how many rest days your taking and if the amount is optimum for you. Maybe you too could plan to have no rest days and take them when your body lets you know, or like me when you collapse into your duvet.