When You Train You Focus.

Today due to some conflicts in schedules I missed my 6am Monday workout and attended the evening class instead. I’ve spoken before about the benefits of rising early and training  and one thing I mentioned was there were less distractions to take your focus away from the task in hand.

Although the evening session was enjoyable and the outcome was positive below are some observations I had on what distractions where going on around me that I don’t normally experience in the morning.

These are not things that directly distracted me but were clearly distractions for others involved in the session.

  • Guy checking his phone in between sets (would he be receiving messages if it was a 6am session)
  • A coach from the next session heating dinner towards the end of the session
  • Members using the Gym as an open gym talking to members involved in the session
  • People coming in and socialising in preparation for the session after ours.
  • Coaches debriefing each other during handover
  • New member inquiring about membership to the coach
  • Late members to the session.

This is not me complaining by any means, some people enjoy the buzz of a busy session and are able to remain focused despite what is going on in the environment. I just want you to consider how much your progression could be hindered, or how your focus may be affected by environmental noise that in theory you could easily change. Take control and build the surroundings to support your goal.

Work is Hard. Distractions are plentiful. Time is Short.

Adam Hochschild