Focus On Your Strengths. Don’t Dwell on Your Weaknesses.

“Don’t dwell on your weaknesses. Everybody else is already doing that for you.”

Gary Vaynerchuk

How many times have you been asked to come up with a development plan at work? or how many times have you had feedback on what you need to improve? If you’re like me then it is way more frequently than someone asks me what I nailed? or what or what I could not have done better?

It’s not just isolated to work it can also be prevalent in your athletic or fitness pursuit. It’s easy for somebody else to look at your performance and pull apart everything you did wrong, sitting in the observer seat makes it easy to be critical

Your strengths will highlight your errors.  For example if you can run or swim a fast first lap but can’t hold the pace on the second lap, then in comparison to your first lap you second lap looks poor and to an on looker endurance would come across as a weakness.

Rather than instinctively thinking you need to improve your endurance (which may be one of your physiological weakness). Why not spin this analysis on its head and say; I know I am incredibly fast. I just need to find at what time in the race is best to utilise this speed.

This in turn will mean you won’t switch your focus from what your are good at (speed) and begin to spend hours or months trying to improve your weakness (endurance) that may actually be beyond your reach.

I love it when I hear people recommend this way of thinking. The best boss’s and coaches I have had are the ones that made me focus on my strengths, not dwell on my weaknesses. It not only ensures your performance is focused on areas you can deliver, it is also a massive moral boost which in turn will motivate you to develop this strength further.

Below is a clip from Gary Vee with his take on the topic.