The 5.30 am Tactic

Most geniuses are just talented people who get up really early in the morning.

Joel Achenbach

If I asked what’s your plan 5.30 am tomorrow?

For some people its the same as they do every morning, train/workout. But for most it would be to stay asleep.

If i was to ask what’s your plans for 7pm tomorrow? the answer most likely would hugely vary.

Some people the answer will be to train/workout. But for others this is the time of day where they are busy living their lives. If not at work then outside of work. It may be cooking for the family, going to a bar, attending a work social or catching up with friends and family.Some may leave it blank with the anticipation that they day will just fill any free time naturally.

For those who do use this opportunity to get to the gym or complete a training session you will know all too well it takes a serious amount or discipline to

a) remain motivated to attend this session

b) remain focused that you can turn down social invites and priorities the training session.

Now if we go back to the original question, what are you doing at 5.30am? You soon realise it’s a part of the day that is rarely allocated to anything and is your’s for the taking. At 5.30am there is no obligation to be any where, no people to meet and certainly un likely to ever be an an event or activity that crops up in the last minute.

5.30 am is a unique time of the day and it is yours for the taking.

If you can manage your bed time so that by 5.30am you have fulfilled your sleep quota for the day, then you are in a great position to have a productive hour which is free to use as you like.

You could call it ‘The Hour of Power’ an hour dedicated to making progress on your goals, an hour with no distractions just you, your plan and the hour in front of you.

Not everybody is a morning person, i get that. But if you are finding it more difficult to find time in the evenings to train, or you find its hard to stay motivated and disciplined towards the end of the day. Then becoming a morning person may the solution for you.

Some tactics below to make the morning more productive and help convince yourself to become an early riser.

  • Get all your equipment ready the night before so your ready to go straight away.
  • Put your alarm clock the other side of the room so your have to get up to switch it off.
  • Make your goal visible from your bedside to remind you why you are getting up.
  • Go to bed early as possible and avoid screens before bedtime.
  • Train fasted and have your breakfast after your workout (unless its more than an hour long and need the energy)
  • Commit to meeting a training partner to make you accountable to getting up.
  • Plan a social breakfast for after the workout as an incentive to get up and train.
  • Book a class or meet your coach at the venue to ensure you don’t skip the session.
  • Get up the same time everyday to condition the body to the early start.
  • Make your morning plan the night before so it’s clear what you a trying to achieve in the morning
  • For a short period plan something for the evening so you have no choice but to work out in the morning.

I was fortunate to be conditioned from a young age to rise early. Every morning for most of my youth was swimming or weight training at 5.30 or 6.00. I have managed to keep this habit into my adulthood and I am confident in saying most of my goals have been achieved during the first hour of my day. it also gives me the opportunity to either be social in the evenings without feeling like I miss a workout, or when training for big events it lets me do a second training session in one day.