Creating a Conducive Environment to Success

Sometimes our lifestyle or behavior outside the gym/training is what is really holding us back from achieving fitness or body composition goals. You can train specifically, relentlessly  and intensively everyday for an hour or more, but if its followed by 23 hours of behavior that is not conducive to your goal then how can you be surprised when your not seeing the results you expect. Below are some easy wins that should help speed up your progress to your fitness goals.

  • Make a plan and live by it – Not just a goal but a day by day and week by week training plan of exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to progress. Work backwards from where you want to get to and by what time to where you currently are. Break the end goal into smaller objectives that you aim to achieve each month or week and use these as sense checks to ensure you are moving forward with the end in mind.
  • Build a routine– Having an unfamiliar plan and regime can be strenuous. If this continues to chop and change then it makes it more difficult to stick to. Finding a routine that in theory you can repeat 52 weeks a year is the perfect way to ingrain the healthy habits into your brain. The longer you repeat this routine and the more consistent you are,the more likely you are to stick to it. (and faster you will see results)
  • Make it social- Working out shouldn’t be a chore. If your sacrificing a social opportunity to go to the gym alone then it’s only a matter of time before you cave into the temptation and miss a workout. If your workout is your social event then you never have to sacrifice one for the other. Using a Team or other people can also make you progress faster, especially if they are slightly more advanced than you. Having some one else to chase and aspire to can have a dramatic affect on your performance.
  • Publicize your goal- Sharing openly with friends and family or even sharing on social media means you feel more accountable to reaching the goal, it also means by sharing with others you build a network of support when it gets tough and once the goal has been achieved there is more people who have been involved on the journey that can celebrate with you.
  • Enter an event- Another strategy for accountability. By entering an event with a specific date means you have a concrete deadline to achieve the goal. It also increases your compliance to your regime once a financial investment has been made to enter the event. The other benefit is that it is a way to excite you especially if you are
  • Track your progress- You don’t have to track every detail of your plan but you need to track the progress. It’s important to see how you have developed from the changes you have made and to monitor how often you are progressing in order to adapt the plan accordingly. If your progressing fast then it may be you underestimated your starting point and need to increase the load of the amount of changes you made. If you plateau then it may be your plan is too hard and you can’t be compliant or you’ve adapted and it’s time to make the next progress in overload . Either way without monitoring the progress its just a guessing game.
  • Stop drinking booze- This is hard one to hear but it only has to be temporary. Nothing is worse than working hard on your diet and training and still not seeing results. Alcohol has so many empty calories and negative affects on fat burning, sleep, mood, motivation and energy levels. Even if you don’t drink in excess just these effects alone can really hold you back. Knock it on the head until your goal is reached and then re-evaluate how much you can reasonably enjoy without regressing
  • Prioritize your goal- Don’t build the goal around your life, build your life around the goal. Make sure that everything you do (Food,Activity,Rest,Socializing) is built to support your goal and be open and honest as to why you are doing this. That way it is easy to say yes or no to something when offered, simply based on one question: ‘Does it support my goal?’. If the answer is no, then find an alternative option that does.