Information Overload

“If more information was the answer we would all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

Derek Sivers

There is so much information out there on fitness and health. Too much to digest and so much of it conflicting. Not knowing where to start and who to trust can be daunting and overwhelming.  Some thoughts below on how to filter through it all and draw out what is useful

  • Avoid fads and trends. Look at techniques or solutions that have stood the test of time, not the latest “abs in 6 weeks magic pill”.
  • Experiment. try out the advise on your self over a sustained period of time and make your own conclusions.
  • Avoid any advise that has a commercial benefit attached. Look at the advice people share for free not what the secrets they charge you to share.
  • Read a wide range of opinions. Its easy to get stuck listening to one person or group. Step away from what’s familiar and try to understand a broad range of perspectives.
  • Go straight to the source. If a conclusion has been made from a study or article, go read the actual study you may find it was unreliable or that the message has been taken out of context.
  • Avoid mainstream media. Media is there to get your attention not to benefit you. Seek advise from those that have nothing to gain.
  • Connect to people that have tried and experimented. Get stories and opinions from others, learn from their experience and save you making the same mistakes.
  • Trial and Error. Make your own experiments from scratch and see outcomes and conclusions you can draw to find what works for you, you may discover the secret recipe.

Part of the journey is navigating through the Bullsh*t. Challenge everything you hear and read and use yourself as a guinea pig to make the most informed deision on what works for you.

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.”

Bruce Lee