Fitness Norms

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect

Mark Twain

If you train hard or workout regularly, you’re not “normal”

Normal people don’t wake up at 6.00am to hit the road in the dark and run for an hour before the sunrises.

Normal people don’t go to a gym when its empty on a Sunday evening to make sure they get their last session of the week in, knowing that the less people that are around the more focused their workout will be.

Normal people don’t spend their hard earned cash on the latest Gortex clothing to make sure when it rains or snow’s they can still pedal for miles at a time hour after hour at the weekend.

Normal people don’t drive an 1/2 an hour at 5am every morning to dive into a cold swimming pool just to improve their race time by less than a second.

Normal people don’t avoid the work buffet just so they can remain lean and light to increase their speed and ease the impact on their joints during  the marathon.

If you want to beNormal that’s fine but normal people don’t win races and normal people don’t achieve their goals