5 Rich Roll Podcasts That Show What It Takes To Be Successful In Sport

I love listening to Rich Roll, he has a unique talent in getting people to dig deeper into themselves and explain what makes them tick than you would normally hear in the standard 30min interviews, below are links to 5 of my favourite. All with the theme on what it takes to be successful in sport.

  1.  Dr Michael Gervais-  Sport Psychologist on Elite Performance

2. Patrick Baboumain- Plant Based World Strongest Man, and how he got stronger on plants

3.Aaron Peirsol- Backstroke World Record Holder and Olympic Gold Medalist- On his love and connection with the water.

4. David Carter- Plant Based 300lb NFL Player- On how his diet amplified his performance

5.Mike Cotty- Elite Cyclist on turning your passion into your profession

I love listening to long format interview’s comment or link below if there are any that have impacted you and your life.