Modern Day Role Models and Mentors

Gone are the days where roles models where restricted to a Dad, Coach, Teacher, Boss. Modern day role models and mentors no longer need to be someone you meet in person or spend time with to see how they operate. My role models growing up were mostly some very influential coaches, who taught me about goal setting, discipline, making a plan, commitment and hard work.

Since then I have had very few role models that exist in my daily life they have transitioned to people I watch online through medians like TED and Youtube, Authors  who’s books I have read and more recently Podcasts I listen too during my commute.

Below are some people who I m influenced by on a daily basis, mostly through their online content.

  • Rich Roll
    • Plant based ultra endurance athlete sharing wisdom on living your most authentic self
  • Joe Defranco
    • Elite performance strength and conditioning coach, responsible for conditioning some of the best NFL players
  • Tim Ferris
    • All things business and entrepreneurial (self proclaimed human guinea pig)
  • Seth Godin
    • Marketing Genius and Blogger
  • Lewis Howes
    • Creator of the School of Greatness
  • James Altucher
    • Serial entrepreneur and Author
  • Gary Vaynerchuck
    • Internet expert and serial entrepreneur
  • Ryan Holiday
    • Marketing expert turned Author specialising in stoic philosophy
  • Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus
    • The minimalist movement, living a meaningful life with less

Who are your role models and are they online or people you interact with in person?