Cold Weather Winter Training

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment.

This could never be more true. Today was the first time this year I jumped onto the bike and felt the wind chill my extremities and longed for a swift warm up to get my blood pumping and my internal radiator started.

When your feeling low on motivation because the sky is grey and the ground is wet or its dark outside and theirs a frost in the air its time to review what equipment and clothing you have to support you in your training and protect you from the elements. Weather your Running,Walking, Cycling here are some suggestions below to keep you safe and warm in the winter months.

  • Breathable Beanie/Skull Cap
  •  Wind Breaker /Rain Jacket
  • Gillet
  • Thermal Gloves
  • Multiple Layers are better than one thick one
  • Leggings/Leg Warmers
  • Head Torch/Bike Lights/ Torch
  • Buff (like a scarf)
  • Multiple Socks or Thick Socks
  • Toes or Shoe covers (waterproof)
  • Clear Eye wear
  • Ear Warmers
  • Waterproof trainers
  • Fluorescent Jacket/Gillet/Vest
  • Bright Rucksack cover
  • Reflectors
  • Mobile Phone

This is not exhaustive, but if your wandering why you never want to get out and train in the winter and you aren’t owning some of the above. It may be time to recheck your equipment and update to relevant climate. Be safe.

Comment below any other ideas on winter must have equipment.