Common Fitness Mistakes 

Not having a training schedule

‘Planning to train 3 days’ is not a schedule. a schedule should be a specific period of time at a specific place to do a specific form of exercise on allocated days that you commit to repeating 52 weeks a year. Their is going to be flex and adaption in the schedule when other priorities come up.



Not having a plan for the session

Turning up for session hoping for a good workout is as good as not turning up at all. As part of your preparation you should have committed to at least one major fitness goal. these goals should then have been broken down into smaller medium term goals, and every session you turn up to should have a specific training objective to help you be one step closer to the medium goal or specifically prepare you for the bigger goal.

For a bit more detail on the subject of exercise planning/programming here is a great summary of exercise periodization. this shows the level of detail needed to create a full performance training program. Although not necessary for all general fitness programs, having long term structure/plan to achieve your goals is paramount to success.

Not recording their progress

To measure it, is to know. If you can not measure it, you can not improve it

Lord Kelvin

Having no objectives/targets

A goal with out a plan is just a dream

Dave Ramsey

There are other methods to success other than setting goals. However if your like me (Type A personality) Goals are imperative. A great way of making sure goals are successful is to create them using the SMART methodology.

  • Specific- It must detailed and specific so that it is clear what you want to achieve
  • Measurable- Must be able to track it
  • Agreed/Accountable- this is to add pressure and visibility of the goal
  • Realistic- Ambitious but realistic
  • Timed- You need a deadline for the pressure and to know how you’ve progressed

Blog on how not to suck at goal setting

Not Having Fun

Exercise and fitness should never be  chore, this is simply because even with all the will power in the world if you’re not enjoying it you won’t be compliant or consistent to the plan. If it starts to loose its fun either mix up the session, start training with a new group/team, have a break from that particular activity or go back to the drawing board and find an activity you will enjoy.

More on exercise adherence

What other mistakes in getting fit do you come across?