My Morning Routine

I like to see what morning routines people have and particularly like this feature on Tim Ferriss Podcast and Blog. Mine seems pretty rushed but I achieve a lot in a short space of time.

  • Pre 5am- Deepest sleep known to man
  • 5.15 am- Alarm goes off ( I generally lie in for 5mins)
  • 5.20 – Let my dog out for a pee and make a green tea or an espresso coffee
  • 5.30- Normally tidy the kitchen while the dog eats his breakfast
  • 5.45- Drive to the gym wile consuming 1litre water
  • 6.00- Work out or Cross Fit session
  • 7.15- Arrive home for breakfast with my son and wife which consists of
    • a banana,almond butter with oats or
    • a banana, date, nut and oat milk smoothie.
    • I include flax seeds and greens if handy.
    • Sometimes Eggs and Greens
  • 7.30- Walk/Jog 3-5Km with the dog
  • 8.00- Get ready for work as fast as possible
  • 8.30- Drive to work with a podcast for company
  • 9.00- Arrive at work

Find other peoples morning routines at this great website here

What do you do every morning?