How to Find Time to Exercise

You wake up at 5.30 am in the morning when its still dark out side and rush around trying to complete 100 tasks in 2 hours (breakfast,shower,walk the dog, get the kids ready) before you jump in the car/train to battle the daily commute, spend all day in meetings or behind your desk. Then at 5.30 you queue to get home and walk in the door to be greeted by screaming kids/wife/dog who have a list of demands for their Dad which ultimately fill the remaining hours of being awake. When it’s finally quiet in the house you if you have any energy left you realise its bed time! 6/7 hours of shut eye and then repeat, no wonder its called the daily grind.

If your anything like me there is no obvious place for some quiet time let alone time to exercise. I believe some personal time/exercise should be a priority. Not only is it imperative for personal well being, it will also make you more effective in managing the challenges of the day, either through increased energy, endurance and or the ability to manage stress.  Below is my method for allocating time to exercise, what ever the day throws at you.

  • Split the day into units of 24
  • Lets assume you have 8 hours sleep that leaves 16 units to allocate
  • Allocate time for compulsory daily activities like showering,eating,kids meals,commuting, working, social obligations be as efficient and ruthless with the time as possible.
  • Don’t include time wasters such as TV,lounging about

You should then be left with a rough schedule of your days. here I have split into weekends and weekdays.screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-20-45-42

Then make a list of all the possible ways you could exercise and all the locations of these, be imaginative include everything even if its not your preference, and decide if it could be done in any of your free slots.

My example is below


This way when ever you approach a free slot in the day you have a whole list of possible options to work out. No Excuses!


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