What I’ve Learnt About Fitness

  1. Staying fit is a constant battle. If you ignore it for an instant it starts to regress therefore the only way to progress is to keep it part of your life every day.
  2. Consistency is king. The greatest progress I have made correlates to when I have been the most consistent. Also more consistent you are while staying injury free the more training becomes habitual and less of an effort to complete
  3. Progressive overload is paramount to success. The moment you feel adapted and comfortable it’s time to step up the intensity/volume or time and stretch your self to the next level.
  4. Recovery is not to be underestimated. Sometimes you can get away with not resting but sometimes resting is all you want to do. One thing I’ve learnt if you ignore recovery your body will make you recover somewhere down the line.
  5. If its not fun you won’t do it. If you don’t do it you wont progress. Simple as that.
  6. You can’t out train a poor diet. More so you can’t out train an average diet. Fill your car up with the wrong fuel and it will eventually break down. Do the same to your body and it will break down too.
  7. Don’t train for aesthetics alone. Focus on performance and aesthetics will follow. Aesthetics are a poor barometer of health. Look at the range of bodies seen on Olympic athletes and compare them to a fitness magazine cover model. Then ask yourself who is ‘fitter’?
  8.  Sleep is where you rebuild your body. When I was younger sleep didn’t feel important. Now if a session is followed by poor sleep it feels like a wasted session. Try to get 8 hrs of quality sleep a night, if you can’t get 8 hrs focus on the quality.
  9. Fitness is a rare commodity. Take pride in your health and stand out from the crowd. The rate the world is going fitness will likely be a rare asset to own and likely make you in demand.
  10. Don’t expect quick results. If you put all your energy into January then you’ll probably spend the rest of the year over trained or disengaged. Find a plan you can repeat 52 weeks a year and then build into that progression over time. You’re in it for the long run not for a new years resolution. Don’t be a ‘January Hero’.